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We love cats! Therefore, we have set ourselves the goal to make life more beautiful for you and for your cats with our products. Our products are carefully and lovingly made. We value quality and use only selected raw materials. All cat furniture is tested by our quality team before launch. Only the best products make it into our assortment.

our quality team

Norwegian Forest Cat

Born in July 2016

Norwegian Forest Cat, born: July 2016
Franzl tests everything that has to do with eating, sleeping and playing. He’s always in a good mood and curious. He is the greatest of all and has high social skills. Meanwhile, he has developed into the best mouse catcher in the group.

Franzl’s fearless sister

Born in July 2016

Sissi is always very happy to be outside and she is discovering and examining everything that is new there. She is a real cudly sprite.


Born in April 2015

Leo shuffles the troop when it gets boring. He often runs around like Rambo, but in his heart he is gentle. He is testing grooming products and all products on robustness together with his brother Muckel.


Born in April 2015

Muckel is the communicative member of the team and he always gives his comments on the products. Do not disturb him in the morning when he just woke up. He isterribly grumpy in themornings.


Born in September 2010

Our grand dame and princess, she tests everything on convenience and comfort. She’s the oldest in the team. She likes cozy and warm places. At least once a day she is looking for tender loving care.